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Tourist Information "House of the Guest" in Kurort Rathen

The spa Rathen has been able to operate the "House of the guest" since April 1994. On the top floor you will find a tourist information centre, the library as well as a room for social activities and the community. On the bottom floor there is the fire brigade.

From May to September our high season weekly events for inhabitants and tourists take place. The cultural offer provides the variety from an opera, or an operetta up to musicals , singing performances and concerts.

Our service to our guests comprises:

  • The booking of rooms,
  • The selling of trail maps,
  • Postcards souvenirs and bookings for day trips to Prague or Dresden
  • Arranging of guided tours in Meißen and Dresden.
  • Individual advise can be given for hiking tours, trips ,
  • Information on the region and landscape,
  • Information on sights of the Saxon Switzerland and timetables for rail, boat and bus.

All guests receive a guest card with a registration form from the landlords upon arrival, as well as a parking permit for the parking lot in “Niederrathen” if required.

With the guest card there are many discounts, such as:

  • Free use of the ferry in Kurort Rathen, as well as free tour of the town every Tuesday (!!!pre-registration necessary!!!)
  • Admission to events at the “Haus des Gastes” (Tourist information)
  • Gondola rides on the “Amselsee” (lake)
  • Admission to the “Eisenbahnwelten” (railroad world) Kurort Rathen

For further information we gladly present our staff at the tourist information centre to help you with all your inquiries and wishes, at your disposal all day.

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Haus des Gastes
Füllhölzelweg 1
01824 Kurort Rathen

03 50 24 - 7 04 22

Länge   14 05` 15" E
Breite   50 57` 30" N

Touristinfo Oberrathen

Elbweg 4a
01824 Kurort Rathen

03 50 21 - 597 260

Rechte und Pflichten für Gast und Gastgeber


Touristinformation Niederrathen
Haus des Gastes

Touristinformation Oberrathen
Elbweg 4a, gegenüber dem Bahnhof


Ruderbetrieb auf dem Amselsee ab Ostern 2024

Abweichungen je nach Witterungslage und Nutzung möglich!

Ruderboote bis 4 Personen 30 Min.
6,50 €

Tretboote bis 4 Personen 30 Min.
9,00 €

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Touristinformation “Haus des Gastes”
Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

035024 - 70 422

Gemeindeverwaltung Kurort Rathen
Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

035024 - 70 671