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The Rhododendron-Park

The Rhododendron-park on the „Kleinen Bastei“ is a treasure worth to be discovered.  From the ferry you follow the road to the „Grünbach“ (a small river), disregard the junction to the „open air stage“ (Felsenbühne) and after 200 meters a small winding path will lead you pass the house „Panorama“ into the Rhododendron-park. (walking time 10 min.)

In 1870 „Graf von der Recke“ started to plant foreign woods on the plateau of the „Kleinen Bastei“,next to the common agriculture. Dr. Keydel (30.06. 1865- 12.09.1937), a former Kruzianer and urologist form Dresden, bought the estate in 1918. On his numerous travels Dr. Keydel prevailingly collected alpine flora which he planted in his garden. From 1926 to 1929 the landscape gardener Baila Helmenreich enlarged the collection (“Alpinum”) of Dr. Keydel.

Next to rare broadleaf trees, an old magnolia, exotic conifers and different blooming shrubs you can also find more the 28 different types of rhododendrons. A visit to the park is very much worth it during the blooming period. The unique richness of colors of the rhododendrons, also called rose of the trees, in June/July is something totally fascinating, not only for friends of the nature.

Only a few steps away from the park there is the lookout point „Kleine Bastei“ from where you have a unique panorama view of the Elbe-valley and into the world of rocks of our village.

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