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The Fountain of Lights at the Kurplatz

With the “Fountain of lights” we created an additional highlight of our themed environment, next to the “Terrace of Sounds” (Klangterrasse) in 2003/2004. From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the time between Easter and the end of October, you can see an interaction of music, water and colorful lights in the panorama of the Saxon Switzerland.

At nightfall the „Fountain of Lights“ replaces the „Terrace of Sounds“. The compositions „the echo“, „the river“ and „the mountains“ can be heard through a loud speaker in the middle of the fountain. The waters of the fountain move in the rhythm of the music and are colorfully illuminated by spotlights which are circularly installed around the fountain. The sense impressions that you get will sensitize you for the perception of the beauty of the climate resort Rathen.

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