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Rathen paths for healthy purposes

The classical terrain cure is one of the special cures in our spa. It is especially successful due to its special training according to one's performance, it is comprehensive body training in fresh air and the unique experience of landscape by walking at different levels of speed will definitely improve your health. The terrain therapy results in a normalization of the vegetative organ system: the heart and circulation system works more efficiently, the breathing is encouraged and muscles, joints and bands are strengthened. The entire metabolism is influenced in a positive way, digestion is activated and the burning of calories is markedly increased. This terrain cure is an especially valuable offer for patients with heart and circulation problems, but also in the field of active prevention for the health- conscious tourist.

The network of walking paths can provide ways of different difficulty reaching from weak to medium resilient. The micro climate (relief and forest etc.) enables an adjustment to the thermal intensity of stimulus according to the current weather situation and prevent an overheating even with an additional training of the circulation.


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