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Rauenstein hiking trail

Starting in Oberrathen on the Fährweg you cross the railroad-track. Follow the Terrainkurweg Nr.12 and go up the Dr.-CDrede-Steig till the end of the bitumen road. Here you turn right and reach the restaurant Laasenperle after a few steps.

Follow the signs, pass the climbing-peak „Nonne“, and after some easy steps you reach the Rauenstein. On the flat summit mount Rauenstein there is a mountain-restaurant at 304 meters above sea level (Tel. +49 (0) 3502167881). From the Rauenstein you have a panoramic view to all directions. After a snack the actual hiking starts. Through the Lehmannschlucht and over some long steel-ladders and steel-platforms through ruff fissures of the mountain, you safely reach the Kammweg, the final height of the Rauenstein. A fantastic view of the Bastei rocks and the Bastei bridge, the Mönchsstein and the former uranium mining area „Wismut“ near Pirna waits here. If the sight is clear you can even see the Ore Mountains and Dresden from here.  The different but safely steps and hikes make the Kammweg an attractive hiking experience – also for beginners. 

At the end of the Rauensteingradweg you walk through the urban district Pötzscha which belongs to Stadt Wehlen, cross the Elbe bicycle-track and follow the railroad-tracks back to the climate resort Rathen. For those who have tired legs: you can take the train in Stadt Wehlen or go by steamboat.


Daten zur Route

Stufen:   ca. 834
Länge:   ca. 8 km
Höhenunterschied:   ca. 100 m
Wanderdauer:   3,5 Stunden
Schwierigkeitsgrad:   teilweise anstrengend, aber lohnend

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