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The Pfaffenstein is one of the most interesting rocks of the Saxon Switzerland and is called "Little Saxon Switzerland" by many people. Since the incorporation to Königstein it is the highest mountain of Königstein. On an area of approximately 12 hectares, which in parts is very rugged, it offers a lot of interesting things.At the west foot of the mountain is a semicircular wall which served as protection during the Bronze Ages. Southwards you can see the "Barberine" - a slender rock needle, which departs it nearly 43 metres from the ground. It is the landmark of the Pfaffenstein and was firstly climbed in 1905. Due to various lightning strikes it had to be blocked off from climbing, although several measurements of stabilization had been undertaken. But with 32 tops to climb the Pfaffenstein still offers a large variety for climbers.

The Pfaffenstein provided itself relatively late for tourism. In 1852 a summer restaurant was opened - but closed again in 1854. The host provided accommodation to a counterfeiter and forced him to continue with his work. Both were sentenced to prison. Only in 1880 a restaurant was re-established there and operated on the same spot.

he first massif timbered house was built in 1891 and provided catering all year round. From 1897-1904 it was steadily extended. In 1904 a massive outlook was established on the spot where the wooden one was. In 1897 the steep climbing track was created through the "Nadelöhr" (needle eye), and in 1913 the "Klammweg" was built which leads through cliffs and across a bridge. 

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