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Märzenbecherblüte im Polenztal

Only 8 kilometers away from the climate resort Rathen is the Polenztal (Polenz-valley). The so called “Märzenbecher” (a flower) salut the spring in the Saxon Switzerland. In the romantic Polenztal, at the Bockmühle (a mill), a carpet of Märzenbecher will enchant the valley if the weather conditions are good.

In the Polenztal a parking site on the Polenztalstraße is provided during the blooming time of the flowers. From here you can walk on round-path to the upper Polenztal and reach the lawns of the Märzenbecher. After that you follow the way up to Cunnersdorf. At the end of the village you turn right, back into the Polenztal or to Hohnstein. Walking this route can take you 4 hours. From Hohnstein the tour takes you over the Bärengarten in the valley and then up the valley to the Rußigmühle (a restaurant in an old mill) – Polenztal 4, 01848 Hohnstein.

From here you follow the tagged hiking tour. On the way back you cross the Kälbersteig and arrive in Hohnstein. This tour will take you about 5 hours. If you want to reach the Märzenbecher-lawn directly you have to go through Cunnersdorf. From Hohenstein you need to follow the street for about 4 kilometers in direction Neustadt. There are signs showing you the way to the parking site (fee is 1.50 €). From there it will only be a walk of three minutes to the lawns. The Märzenbecher-hiking path will take you along the lawns and back to the parking site. This route will require about 45 minutes walking.

t ca. 45 min.

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