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How to go Kurort Rathen with car

Kurort Rathen is divided by the river Elbe in two parts. On the right side is the district Niederrathen and on the left side Oberrathen. Both are connected by a ferry.

Before your arrival, you should check exactly on which side you have booked your accommodation and plan your route accordingly. The district Niederrathen is little traffic and also to drive only with special permission.

Tips for route planning

» Getting to Niederrathen
Haus des Gastes
longitude   14 05` 15" E
latitude   50 57` 30" N
» Getting to Oberrathen
Parking for day visitors
and visitors to the rock stage
longitude   14 04` 42" E
latitude   50 57` 23" N

Touristinformation “Haus des Gastes”
Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

035024 - 70 422

Gemeindeverwaltung Kurort Rathen
Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

035024 - 70 671