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Welcome to Kurort Rathen
in the Saxon Switzerland

Close to the world famous Bastei rocks and in the middle of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, you as a guest will find a variety which will enchant you. Even if the place reduces traffic by a lot of measures it is still easy to reach. Away from traffic and noise, guests can find a possibility for recovering in the steep mountains, wild valleys and inviting hiking trails.

Dresden, the city of art and culture along with other attractive destinations for a trip are easily to reach by train, car or ship

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Felsenbühne Rathen
Europa's schönstes Naturtheater

Touristinformation “Haus des Gastes”
Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

035024 - 70 422

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Füllhölzelweg 1 | 01824 Kurort Rathen

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